covid-19 travel requirements

This is the latest status on Covid-19 travel requirements and/or restrictions, based on the Guatemala government. Please check on any restrictions from your own country on travel. Updates will be posted. 

What will be required to enter and depart Guatemala? 

If you are arriving at an international airport or traveling through an international border crossing, you are required to obtain one of the following:

(1) A negative COVID-19 Antigen or PCR test result within 72 hours of arrival.  

(2) If you have recovered from COVID-19 in the past three months, a medical certificate from the healthcare facility where you received treatment showing evidence of the date of your diagnosis, and confirmation of your recovery.

(3) Evidence that you have received a complete COVID-19 vaccination course, with the second dose being administered at least two weeks before arrival in Guatemala. (NOT REQUIRED)

Villa Sumaya will also require you to present a valid COVID-19 test result upon check-in.

You will also need to fill in this form before boarding in the USA: Health Pass

Prior to your departure, Villa Sumaya will arrange on-site Covid-19 testing for fulfilling your travel requirements (currently $55 rapid antigen, $115 PCR). 

Is vaccination required to come to Guatemala?

NO. Vaccination is NOT REQUIRED for travel or attendance at this retreat. The only requirement for entry is a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of arrival.

What will it be like on Lake Atitlan? 

Due to the rural location of Lake Atitlan, there have been few confirmed cases in the lake villages themselves. Please note your retreat facilitators have been based locally before (and during) the pandemic for years, so we are inviting you into a space we are very familiar with. 

Once you arrive from your shuttle, your stay at Villa Sumaya is inherently secluded in nature with extra sanitization precautions taken by the small retreat staff to ensure health, who are very happy to have tourism that can provided much needed income after months of unexpected closure. 

Please note off-site excursions will be offered to retreat participants and guest facilitators will come and go from the venue. It is also possible another group or private guests will be present at the venue as well. 

Choosing to travel to Guatemala and to attend a retreat event for which the heart of the offering is a women's gathering is a personal choice. Each women is asked to take personal responsibility.


Please feel free to inquire directly with questions so you can decide if this opportunity is right for you. 

Are there any travel restrictions? 

As of April 17th 2021, foreigners who have visited Brazil, the United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland), or South Africa within the past 14 days are not permitted to enter Guatemala. This could change and will be updated as it does. 

Please check on travel restrictions for departing from your own country for international travel. 

What if I have to cancel last minute because of new travel restrictions or a positive test result? 

I realize a retreat is a personal investment and wish you to feel at ease about this decision. To make booking this retreat a lower risk involvement, we are offering a special refund policy in case of specific Covid-19 cancellation circumstances to give you more protection and reassurance. Please read in detail. 

Travel Insurance: 

To further protect your travel investment, including transport costs or unforeseen circumstances, travel insurance is strongly advised for all participants.


For maximum coverage, purchase a 'cancel for any reason policy' upgrade option which covers a high percentage of your non-refundable costs. These policies often need to be bought 14-21 days after booking and have a 48 hours prior to departure cancellation window. Availabe from insurance companies like Trawick International and Travel Guard.