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Musing and reflections from the facilitator of the women's writing retreat.


Her story is a deep urge for union yet being bound in relationship struggles that hold her apart from the love she seeks.

In Juno lies the invitation to commit to our relationsh...


I've met women who feared to love, because relationship had fallen apart in their arms before. And even the thought of receiving love brings the fear of losing it.

I see Juno in thes...


When it’s winter in my heart
And my lungs have lost their leaves
And my thoughts have turned to ice 
The cold clinging to their eaves

And the day is darker still 
Than the thickest part of nig...


Dear loves, 

This week I came out of my 16th women's retreat circle across 44 months. Our final circle had no starting point and no end, just palms of warmth and women turned towards each o...


I've met many a fool, said the moon, who loved me full.
It's another thing to love my mystery. 
I'm as present in my waxes and wanes
as when I light up the whole sky.
And even when the sky app...


My unapologetic confession. I am a woman that gathers women together to share in circles. I love co-creating and holding our shared and sacred space. 

I am also a woma...


For a long time, I wasn't much for the word.  Goddess. Not at all.

I was allergic to the word, to be honest. It caught in the throat. It didn't seem to weigh anything on the to...

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Becoming More You in 2020

December 22, 2019

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December 22, 2019

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