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Musing and reflections from the facilitator of the women's writing retreat.


In 2020, what if you...

Prioritize your self-care. Do the things that center you now, rather than waiting for when you are centered to do them. 

Say “yes” often but only when you actually wan...


“And by you, of course, I mean me. And by me, I really mean all of us. Because that’s how these things work. That’s why we tell stories, ‘cause we’re all more the same than we are not, and it h...


At the Awaken Your Creative Soul Women’s Retreat Weekend (upcoming Sept 20-22, 2019), Marianne Richmond asked us to paint a circle with particular layers of meaning when it comes to our relatio...


Often, between the here and there of places, intriguing things happen.

On my way home to my family for the holidays, I had a two-day stopover in Cancun. On my last morning, I walked into "Cafe...


I was in San Marcos La Laguna on Lake Atitlán in Guatemala during the earthquake on the evening of September 7, 2017, when I wrote this.

I was far from the epicenter, and so, very fortunate...


For a long time, I wasn't much for the word.  Goddess. Not at all.

I was allergic to the word, to be honest. It caught in the throat. It didn't seem to weigh anything on the to...


Photo from: Mystic Mamma

She sways between the shadows,
she's a culprit in the wind.
Her eyes are casting sideways, 
shaking virtue from the sin.
Her smile is a hot glimpse star
that's spinning...


Every woman can ask herself: 

am I being called to a retreat or to a reclamation?

(Sacred Expression Women's Retreat, photo by Tamia Hurtado)

Maybe there should be a word for it. That moment when...



Before you even think about making New Year’s resolutions, why not stop to recognize your recent evolution?


We can take many creative angles when we approach New Year’s resolutions.




There is something in a woman’s life that needs her more than anything or anyone ever will.


There is something waiting to be filled by her, that can only ever be filled by her, which hold...


Get your Halloween on, women!  I'm a huge fan of Halloween, so I wrote an article about using the holiday to explore your shadow self, which ultimately means, to bring out more of you....


"I held my breath as we do sometimes to stop time when something wonderful has touched us..." (Mary Oliver)


That's what I did when departing company with the seven courageous & amazing women th...

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Becoming More You in 2020

December 22, 2019

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December 22, 2019

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