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Musing and reflections from the facilitator of the women's writing retreat.


“Head thrown back in ecstasy,
confetti raining from the sky.
That it is possible feels euphoric.
Am I already here though?
Do my boots rub against the soft fur of grace?
Or does it ever actuall...


This is an invitation to a writing reflection during this turn of the year, an invitation to honor the woman you are. 

I wrote an article two years ago about the value of reflecting rather tha...


The holiday season had me thinking about something the other day. I remember when I preferred the wrapped, unopened gift. 

My favorite part about gifts as a kid was not Christma...


I can promise you this dear. You will circle back on yourself. You will cycle through kinds of time. You will live a thousand lives.


What would you write about? Do you think you'd be the only one? 


You know that moment when you want to step away? 

You want space, you want to reconnect with your own center, with your own voice, and with your own truths.

Sssssh, you say to the noise....

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Becoming More You in 2020

December 22, 2019

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December 22, 2019

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