"A rich and intense experience."
- Lisa from London, January 2016

"This was a rich and intense experience - challenging, joyful, inspiring and definitely uncomfortable at times confronting some stubborn demons. The circle offered a loving and supportive environment for sharing, and Aimee ensured all our voices were heard, even if it involved a little coaxing at times. I liked the size of the circle and we were fortunate to have a real mix of ages. Aimee was warm and welcoming right from the very first email and she sustained that open-heartedness throughout the retreat. She was empathic and sensitive to our individual struggles. She challenged us out of our comfort zones with gentle encouragement. The writing exercises were varied and there was plentiful inspiration to reinforce each element. The yoga was varied - sometimes challenging, sometimes nurturing. I loved the evening ceremonies and they greatly enhanced the experience. The location definitely added to the experience. There are not enough superlatives to describe the combination of lakes, volcanoes, plants, colourful people, sunsets, sunrises and starry nights. A very magical experience."

storyteller within

Journey into Sacred Expression

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