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Happy Full Moon: Who Are You Becoming Now?

Dear loves,

"There is so much kindness in consistently asking, "Who are you now?" There is so much love in allowing people to be continually new to us. To love someone isn't so much to know them, as it is to know their never-ending becoming." (Andrea Gibson) Last year on this day, I shared this post from spoken word poetry artist Andrea Gibson, and it reappeared today so aptly on this Sagittarius full moon, which beckons us to personal expansion. Because to play with Andrea's words, it's also true that to love yourself isn't so much to know you, as it is to embrace your own never-ending becoming. Michael Lennox, an astrologer I enjoy, writes today: "This eclipse season begins with a Full Moon, which means it is all about the leave behind. We release the past in Full Moons, and when it’s an eclipse, the power to truly let go of things that are no longer serving you is at its strongest." Lennox asks: "What have you been believing about yourself that is not true? This is that moment to let those old, wounded ideas about you and your life go, and for good." "What have you been believing about yourself that is not true?" I love that question, because it also sets up a gorgeous writing prompt - in fact, I'd say it's an umbrella theme for a good deal of what we explore in any circle! Again and again, our personal growth and expansion depends on releasing the existing notions of ourselves that are not true. They might be valuable or helpful, especially to our comfort zone, but are they true? We might cling to them for safety, but does that mean they are true? They may have been true at one time, or they may never have been true, but either way - we're bigger than them. They don't fit anymore. The things we once held as "truths" are often the skins we shed so that we can evolve into more of who we are. Often we don't even realize we've done it, until we look back and see what we let go of to allow ourselves to experience more of who we are.

Do you know how much kindness there is in asking yourself who you are now? Do you know how much love there is in allowing yourself to be continually new, even to yourself? So go on. In honor of this full moon and eclipse season: consider journaling to this prompt. Writing Prompt: "What have you been believing about yourself that is not true?" Hit reply even and share your journal reflection with me. And if you can't come up with anything, I promise you that would find several things to write in the women's circle, should you choose to join us this summer! Will you join us?

The Journey Into Sacred Expression Women's Retreat is back in Guatemala this summer! From July 31st-August 9th, 2021, twelve women are invited to gather with me on Lake Atitlan. Are you one of them? Much love xo Aimee


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