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"You Stand In My Danger."

(photo by Elfa Mystica Photography, Kanika Batra)

"You stand in my danger. You stand in the aura surrounding me that is funded by my heart, my soul and my spirit that says, certain things of this earth are so precious, they can never be allowed to be harmed or vanish from the face of this earth. You stand in my danger. Because I will protect, I will help, I will create, I will defend, I will unleash, I will hold back, I will restrain, I will open up. I will carve doors in walls. You stand in my danger."

- Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Recently, I revisited these words from one of Dr. Estés' Sounds True episodes. As a storyteller raised with the oral tradition who interprets tales through then lens of Jungian psychology, and characters as different parts of the female psyche, Estés has always had a powerful way of unfolding archetypes. The opening quote is the ethos of the "Dangerous Old Woman" archetype. And it is based upon an ancient definition of "danger" which actually means "protection." This is an archetype of mature embodied feminine wisdom, discerning not docile, but any woman who is self-possessed can invoke her spirit. This energy in women does not guard after only that which belongs to her - her children, her place, her things, her riches. She looks after that which belongs to the sacred pulsing and mother heart of earth. And she remembers something essential, from a very deep place beyond all perception. Only knowing. I think of her like a spiritual godmother with teeth. Right now, as I am here where I am home, the people of Guatemala are standing in this spirit in peace and unity together for this country. They are saying that the children's future stands in their protection.

(photo by Elfa Mystica Photography, fire circle)

"You stand in my protection." While I am 46 years old, this is an archetype I have been inspired by for the last several years. In my aunthood. In my retreat leadership. In the stewardship of my creative projects. In the encouragement of others in bringing out the gifts and desires divinely seeded within them that the world does not only await, but also truly needs. As much as it needs the apple trees to give apples and the rivers to flow with water. The world needs your ideas, your voice, your deepest knowing, your ever realizing soulful desires - all of it - so that we can co-create from a more loving place that is regenerative and sustaining.

That which is true and real and organic in your heart should never be allowed to vanish in the rules, noise, consensus, distractions or even horrors of this world. And you should never divide what is seeded within you from your life. It is essential to live from it. This is what the dangerous old woman, in me, knows with all her heart.

Looking around, I cannot help but to see how much we are in need of women who have not only stepped into their own voices, but are also wielding the power of mature feminine wisdom. Self love is nothing more than a matter-of-fact starting point. Who you are is beyond any permission slip. I feel in the circle, we come to remember this. We stand in each other's protection, and more of the world slowly begins to stand in ours. In our own way, we immerse in the remembering of something essential here.

We will hold a third gathering this year from December 9-18, 2023 at Villa Sumaya on Lake Atitlan. I would love to meet you in the circle in the most powerful way I can imagine to finish the year: together. If you're even winking at coming, please message me so I can find out how to support you in doing so.



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