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reviews of the retreats


"A beautiful gift you can give yourself."

- Lisa, Ontario

"This truly was a sacred experience. It’s difficult to establish the kind of trust cultivated in our women’s circle over lifelong relationships. That we were able to do so over the space of a week is incredible. It was definitely a challenge to introspect, and at times painful, but reclaiming our narrative and hearing the stories of other women put mine into perspective. It allowed me to see my story from another lens and helped me to realize how in control I am and always have been. I am armed with greater self-confidence and feel more comfortable than ever before to be my authentic self. Aimee was an absolute pleasure to be around, a masterful facilitator, a great listener, and beyond all else, a beautiful soul. She is extremely open and nonjudgmental. She was (somehow - by magic?) able to create this truly sacred, safe and trusting environment where women shared their darkest memories and deepest fears. The circle began with opening up and sharing our vulnerabilities and ended with looking at the stories constructively with the aim of carrying over our lessons learned into our lives back home. Aimee was able to inspire us to look past our past and help guide us into rediscovering what it is our hearts yearn for. This retreat is a beautiful gift you can give yourself. To allow yourself time to introspect. To share, laugh, cry with other beautiful women. To be reunited with your intuition. To rediscover yourself, your passions. It’s a difficult journey, but well worth it. This was incredible and exactly what I needed!"

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