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reviews of the retreats


"A heart and voice opening journey."

- Jaye, New Hampshire

"It’s been a true blessing being able to come here. I felt very connected to the other women and learned a lot about myself. I was continually blown away by how encouraging, loving and supporting everyone was in the group. I feel the writing prompts got to the heart of the matter. It is also incredibly powerful to have the time to share after writing. Aimee is an excellent facilitator. She has a great intuition during the group gatherings and knows how to encourage those on the fence with sharing. She knows how long to wait. I never felt rushed, or pressured, or like I wasn’t being heard. She was great at responding to the energies in the group. The Yoga Forest is gorgeous and, though outside of my comfort zone, I very much enjoyed my stay. I absolutely loved the dancing - it will stay with me. The amount of vulnerability and connection that happens here is something I didn’t foresee happening but am eternally grateful for. This was more than I had imagined. Adventure, sacred sisterhood, bravery, creativity, being honest and honoring oneself, recognizing the voice of the critic. Get ready for one of the most transformational experiences of your life."

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