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reviews of the retreats


"A memorable and invaluable experience."

- Julia, Australia

“It was incredible to travel to magical Lake Atitlan, and feel welcomed by Aimee, the Yoga Forest and the other women in the group. I was expecting it to be a great experience, but it went beyond my expectations. I loved the combination of writing, yoga, healthy eating and felt very refreshed by the end of it. The writing circle was introspective, spiritual and therapeutic. It was a great exercise to share and it was also inspiring to hear other people's stories. I think Aimee was an incredible facilitator, balancing the group dynamic well. I really loved the remoteness of The Yoga Forest. The sleeping quarters were clean, comfortable, and warm. The evening ceremonies were excellent. I definitely felt a good energy at Lake Atitlan. San Marcos was really cute and great for days off - the swim was incredible and the massage centre was great. I feel revived and more motivated, and more confident in myself for sure. My favorite parts were the uniqueness of the experience, the transformative effect, the friendships, the fun! Thanks a million Aimee, for sharing your gift with me and the group. It was an incredible experience."

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