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reviews of the retreats


"A rare opportunity for genuine vulnerability."

- Celia, British Columbia

"When I read about this retreat, the expression 'storyteller within' grabbed my heart and curiosity. The retreat was in all its parts, absolutely magical and timely. Aimee's innate intuition, wits and magical eloquence gently leads a seamless flow through the retreat and its different themes. The journey is unique for each person. It powerfully brings new perspective on stories from the past which your inner voice thought were set in marble. The beauty of our sacred sharing circle is that no matter how different our stories are, the common thread is they are all shared from the heart and that allows everyone to practice empathy and compassion to realize we can all relate to one another. I am blown away at the healing power of authentic heart-opening sharing. The experience was deeply moving and enriching for me, a rare opportunity to allow genuine vulnerability, honesty and humility which come around to create more grace, resiliency and give us a powerful tool (writing) on our own journeys. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone seeking a more intimate, authentic connection to their inner selves. Come with a very open heart. Be prepared to allow your inner child to surface and be playful. Consider the medicine of allowing vulnerability as a gift to yourself and others.”

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