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reviews of the retreats


"Challenging in the way I needed it."

- Mariana, Toronto

"This retreat was challenging in the way I needed it. It encouraged me to look deep within myself and feel more confident and open towards myself. I loved all of the writing exercises and how they built on each other. I loved all the facilitators that came to provide us with even more experience. It was a perfect balance between adventure, introspection, love, challenge and many many high moments. The writing circles really encouraged me to look deep within myself, and they helped me to understand and LOVE myself. They helped me get reassurance. The writing exercises were beautifully crafted. Aimee is the best facilitator. Facilitating is her craft and art. She is always attentively listening, compassionately and insightfully. Robin’s yoga and the movement were a great way to start every day. The setting couldn’t be more beautiful. It was so beautifully organized. It’s amazing how Aimee balances several roles and ensures everyone’s needs are being met. I took away that I have all the wisdom I need within me. I am infinitely loved and surrounded by love. I loved the connections I cultivated with others and myself. And the excursions such as hiking, kayaking and visiting San Juan. It is the most enriching experience you will have and there is absolutely no reason at all why you shouldn’t do it. Aimee is a healer and she will guide you back to your heart."

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