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reviews of the retreats


"Deep and real from the very first words written and spoken."

- Blanca, Maine

"I arrived at our retreat filled with fear of the unknown. After meeting the other women who would accompany me on this journey I was intrigued. We were all so different and yet I felt as though I wanted to know everything about them. They all were feeling the same way and after a delicious meal, we went to our lovely, cozy cabins and prepared for our first writing circle. No time to waste, we went deep and real right from the very first words written and spoken. Aimee led us through our journey with style, grace, grit and wisdom. She is indeed an old soul, a fun loving and flexible person with the right amount of "agenda" to keep us and herself honest and on track. Our ceremonies are indelibly printed on my heart and our morning Yoga practice with Robin put me on the right track to self care. Aimee is a fierce and intuitive woman who held and challenged me as I discovered what does not serve me, examined what I could lovingly discard and then start to heal from the baggage I've been carrying around with me for over 40 years. I was supported in trusting myself and to direct my energy only to what sparks and nourishes my heart. She intuitively made space for all of us, and we had so much fun, singing, dancing, and just being with each other. She is wise, strong of heart and mind and boldly intuitive. I would pay twice as much for this powerful and life changing experience. It was incredibly enriching to the soul, heart and mind. I now have the Women of the High Heart to hold in my circle anytime I need them-even with the many miles between us."

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