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reviews of the retreats


"Definitely a 'work of heart'."

- Alison, California

"At this moment in my life, this retreat was exactly the medicine I needed. I had moments of hesitation but leaned into them. I have loved it and will cherish the trust and love grown here. I laid my soul open in order to rearrange, learn, and grow. Aimee led all of us gracefully through some tough terrain and we came out the other side softer, warmer, wiser and more in touch with our own soul voice. There was no wrong way to do anything and we were encouraged to explore - words, phrases, thoughts, prose, poetry - whatever gets your feelings across. Aimee knows when to push and when to ask the tough questions in order to get to the next level. She helped me get more out of this week than I imagined I was capable of. Definitely a 'work of heart.' She is a beautiful force for good in the name of women. The Yoga Forest is healing and truly a wonder. While I missed some of the comforts of home, I enjoyed the stars more, the colors of flowers more, the shapes of leaves more. I breathed in what was missing and filled my soul. I’m taking my life back. My heart. My soul. Jump in with your full heart. Your life is waiting for you inside!"

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