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reviews of the retreats


"Do it. You will leave changed."

- Jessica, New York

"Whoa. I expected this to be life changing but maybe not this life changing? It has made me reconsider my life, my place in the world, my relationship with women and my connection to nature. It was truly an indescribable experience, and I feel renewed and reclaimed as myself. It was really incredible how we moved from being total strangers to sharing our deepest joys and fears between friends in just one week. The love and support I felt from the other women was absolutely incredible. Aimee is absolutely amazing. Her warmth and love helped to bring out each women’s inner truth in the safest, most comfortable way possible. She guided us down the path to ourselves, only pushing when we needed it. I am so grateful! What better place could this be than in the jungle? It was great to get out of our comfort zone and being unplugged was key. I loved that the yoga focused on self-love and care. I’ll take with me an appreciation of the power of a circle of women, an appreciation and love for my body, and the first steps of the journey to loving myself unconditionally. I came wanting to feel better. I did not know I would leave truly knowing and feeling like myself. Do it. Even if you’re not sure why you need it, or if you need it, or what you will get out of it. You will leave changed."

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