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reviews of the retreats


"Find your true heart that's been there waiting for you."

- Nisrine, Toronto

"I’m a big skeptic - especially as I’ve done other retreat types, yoga teacher training and one week retreats. Aimee is one of a kind. This was magical transformation for all of us. Each of the ten participants became so close. Aimee was so sensitive to each of our needs - she helped us experience so many elements of magic including writing. She prompts us in such a way you can’t help but let poetry flow from your own pen- after it flows from your gut, heart and throat. She’s a walking, talking poet! A combination of fairy, wild woman, magician, mother, soul sister, who can see you and facilitate change gently. She’s genuine and engaged with us. She’s real - 100%. She doesn’t know the meaning of the word judgment. In fact, she’s inquisitive, curious, playful, and kind. You will shed old skin - and find your true heart that’s always been there waiting for you to notice it! To say the volcanoes and Lake Atitlan setting is transformational is an understatement. Aimee’s collaborators - Robin in spiritual and physical yoga, Gabi and Kanika in embodiment and connection, Paola for sauna ceremony - are magical. The fire ceremony with Isais - what a prayer. Words can’t describe this experience. But be careful. This is not a retreat to be entered into lightly. Because it will rock your world! Change will happen!"

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