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reviews of the retreats


"I've been telling everyone that I came home with my joy."

- Danielle, Minnesota

"So great, very healing, and affirming. Exactly what I needed. Great group dynamics. Fabulous exercises. I really loved the prompts and being able to debrief after with the option of sharing the writing or just reflecting. The location was so beautiful, really peaceful. I'll take with me the ability of reframing my past histories. I wouldn’t say that I saw myself as a victim, but I definitely wasn’t framing myself as the hero/shero. I’ve been telling everyone here that I came home with my joy, not that it had been gone for that long, but I definitely regained the part of it that had been away. What a gift. And seven new friends, how do you complain about that? Like everything, you'll get get out of it what you put into it, but if you are willing to go deep, it will go there with you, and you won’t come out the same as when you went in. In the best possible way."

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