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reviews of the retreats


"I cannot view myself or my life in the same way again."

- Myshelle, Guatemala

"I feel I am not the same person I went into the experience as. All aspects of the retreat combined well to create a holistic journey that was transformative spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. I felt a profound healing took place and a shift of consciousness in which I cannot view myself or life in the same way again. Overall I feel that this retreat gifted me many experiences that will remain in my heart for the rest of my life. Aimee is an incredible space holder. She is able to navigate well between speaking and listening. Teaching and allowing. She was able to navigate our group dynamics in such a way as to allow us freedom to explore while still keeping us on track in achieving the objectives of each activity. The writing prompts we were given were thought provoking and emotionally healing. They way in which we moved through the beginning, middle and end seemed well plotted and created a seamless flow that allowed us to learn, heal, grow and expand throughout the week. I felt there was a good balance between writing and other activities that allowed us time to work and integrate while also having fun. Villa Sumaya is an amazing space. The ambience is beautiful and peaceful and it was easy to feel at home. The food was delicious and nourishing. The rooms were beautiful and comfortable. The staff was efficient, professional and kind. Robin’s calm and centered energy is very soothing and supportive of the yoga and meditations we did in the morning. She was very helpful in getting us going for our day in a way that felt supportive and gentle. I particularly loved the stories she wove into the practices to help us with reflections in our writing later in the day. It was so easy to feel so much joy and pleasure when moving in the class with Gabi. The trust exercises were a great way to help us to bond as a group. Kanika is such a joy. Her child like spirit lends well to the overall journey. I felt her movement classes helped us to tap into some much needed silliness to temper some of the deep writing we had in our circles. All the ceremonies were beautiful and powerful. They helped us to bring in higher connection and awareness to the work we were doing. This a transformative experience that will gift to you many things. It is more than just writing, it is a process of connecting, healing, growing, learning and experiencing new parts of ourselves and others in a safe and contained environment. Aimee provides a journey of expansion in which you will cultivate an experience together that will be life changing in all the best ways possible."

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