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reviews of the retreats


"I feel more at home in my heart and in my body."

- Annka, Germany

"It was quite a journey through depths and joy. And the wonderful thing was that everyone had their own path, but were held, supported and deeply seen by the circle. I feel more at home in my heart now and also my body. And, the retreat shook some things up. I felt the retreat to be truly transformational and am very grateful for having had the opportunity to be part of it. The journey will definitely go on. I found the writing a very powerful tool to access emotions and limiting beliefs. The prompts seemed to lead us very quickly to a deeper level of the stories we all use to tell us about ourselves. They kept me writing, even when I thought I was empty. I am very impressed how the whole week somehow wove together like a well composed piece of music. It allowed me to trust into the process and feel safe even though I was touching deep fears and other strong emotions. The organization, and planning, worked out beautifully. I loved the passion that was expressed, radiated. I enjoyed the gentle approach to yoga and meditation. It helped to stay in the present and mindful. I loved: the release in sharing and opening. How fast a group of strangers felt like a home. The experience that there is time and space for everyone to be seen. The wonderful space holder. Everything seemed to be allowed. Seeing other women freeing themselves and blossoming."

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