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reviews of the retreats


"I found peace, connection, strength and validation."

- Temple, Georgia

"I found peace, connection, strength and validation this week. The setting could not have been more magical or more conducive to soul-searching, serenity and reflection. The writing exercises were well-balanced with sharing, and the writing circles were well-balanced with other activities that enabled inner and outer self-expression. Aimee is so intuitive, patient, and receptive. She knows exactly how to give people a safe place, challenge their mindsets without pushing too hard. She really sees each women’s heart and it’s amazing to watch her respond, give support, and show love. Thank you Aimee for teaching us to look up and make eye contact after we’ve spoken. Thank you for asking us to question our self-doubt, rethink our resistance, challenge our interpretations of what is good, bad, black, or white. Thank you telling us to erase “perhaps”, “maybe” and “sorry” from our speech. If you are feeling lost and you need to see beauty inside and outside yourself again, embark on this journey. It only requires you to be present and bring a pen. The rest is up to you as far as what you want to express, share and experience. If you’re brave enough to give it your all, you will be changed."

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