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reviews of the retreats


"I will walk through my life differently."

- Needa, Washington DC

"I cannot stop telling everyone I know about this life-changing experience and I think I will be doing that for the rest of my life. Every detail was incredible, and the seasoned thinking behind each decision and the intentionality was apparent. This is a labor of extreme love. To be on the receiving end of that love is what has the power to transform lives. While love is the strongest ingredient, this is also an exercise of suspending belief, imagining a different kind of world than we have allowed for ourselves (than society has put in front of us), trust, bravery, and grace. I feel permanently changed by this experience, in the most beautiful ways. I feel more grounded and simultaneously freer than ever. I feel more capable, more in charge of my life, braver, and more at ease. I've noticed my prayers are more sincere, my laughter is louder and more free flowing, my view of the Divine is more whole. I feel more whole. Something has healed inside of me that has been hurting for a very long time. I will carry this experience with me for the rest of my life and I will forever be grateful to Aimee and the women who took this journey alongside me. The writing circle was one of the things that drew me to the retreat initially, and it surpassed anything I could have imagined. Each prompt was some combination of intense, beautiful, and difficult. Aimee pushed us to delve deeper at every angle or turn a concept on its head. Aimee has this way of challenging us, pushing us, but doing so while embracing us in a warm hug. With her guidance, I felt safe to explore the deepest parts of myself, the darkest parts of myself, the things that knowingly and unknowingly lie in the shadows. Aimee challenged us to suspend our beliefs, if only for a few moments, to dream an entirely bigger dream. She was both esoteric and pragmatic. She did not just provide pertinent prompts, but she prompted US. In every sense of the word, she was our leader that week. She asked us to break ourselves open, and then stood by our side to help us take care of ourselves. Her commitment to everything she was teaching us was felt, both from a perspective of having studied it, taught, and lived it. Aimee's aliveness and her commitment to it is perhaps her greatest quality. The retreat is Aimee and Aimee is the retreat; they are synonymous, synchronous. I can't imagine a more gorgeous setting for this type of retreat to take place than Villa Sumaya. The sacredness of the lake was significant and integral to the work that we were doing. Each time Robin came to teach a yoga class was a blessing. There's something a bit magical about her and she is so good at what she does. She's able to cultivate a safe and exploratory environment and starting so many of our days with her was a beautiful way to set the tone. Kanika carries a whole universe with her every time she enters a space. Her presence and her embodiment sessions felt very important to my overall experience. There is a softness paired with strength and firmness that I have almost never seen in another, and being taught and embraced by someone with that energy was a feeling I hope I always remember. The level of spirituality experienced during the various ceremonies was crucial alongside the physical and emotional work we were doing throughout the week. The communication was great. I found something really powerful about Aimee's email style…the writing lacked a barrier…invited you in…and put you at ease. Honestly, because I was on the fence about coming at the last minute, the tone of Aimee's emails was something that pushed me towards coming. I already saw an insight into who she was. I will walk through my entire life differently because of this experience. Hands down, this is the greatest thing I've ever done for myself and was easily one of the best weeks of my life. If you're on a path of self-discovery; have a desire to heal; feel stuck in your every-day life; have tried lots of things, but are at a plateau; wanting a change, but not knowing where to begin; needing your life to be different; wanting to feel alive; if any of these topics resonated with you, then run to sign up for this."

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