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reviews of the retreats


"I would recommend this to every woman I ever meet."

- Marion, France

"It was a truly magical and unforgettable experience, more than I ever expected. Better than a dream. It was full of emotions, laughs, tears, screams, dance, yoga, sunrise and full moon - especially full of magic and love. I didn't want to leave and I would definitely do it again and again and again. I was amazed to see how this writing circle unfolded throughout our week together. A perfectly crafted writing circle. I was truly blown away. A space for sharing, for creating, for expressing and for receiving. It felt free and yet it was guided perfectly in a subtle but encouraging way. We shed our ego, acknowledged our fears and inner critics, to then be reminded of the joy, the magic and the love in our lives, in ourselves, and to finally manifest our dreams and allow ourselves to create them and make them a reality. And all the beautiful texts, poems, inspiring quotes in between the writing sessions to help us feel within ourselves what we needed to write about. Aimee was exceptional. Humble, caring, loving, soft and gentle. She made us feel free and we never realised how much she was guiding us. Like an angel watching after your soul, you feel safe and in good hands. You can let go, you can be free, you can be true. She's got your back and you don't even realise it. She listens to you, she hears you even when you don't speak. She sees your heart. I would recommend doing a retreat with her to every woman I ever meet. The yoga teacher was absolutely fantastic. Very in tune with the yogic philosophy, promoting a mindful and purposeful life, and connecting the mind, body and spirit. Every morning it was a real joy to tune myself into the new day ahead. She helped me feel centered, set my intention for the day and be in the moment. Villa Sumaya is like a little piece of heaven on earth. Secluded paradise, only accessible by boat, with an amazing view on the lake and volcanoes. The food was absolutely amazing. You have everything at your fingertips. Amongst the magic of it all, we got to experience the different evening ceremonies. I take from that experience that it is so important sometimes to just leave all your busy life behind and let your inner wild woman free to dance and sing with other women. Because this is when you know you're alive. This is when you understand there's a reason you're here on this planet today. You feel that you have lots to give and still so much to receive and discover. My favourite part was that for 8 days I got to be completely true and naked and I was seen, heard and loved for that exact same reason. It is very rare in today's society to find a place, a group of people, who will allow you to be 100% raw you. This retreat was like that and I am ever so grateful for it. Can I please go back?? This retreat was a moment of my life I'll never forget and I will keep sharing it with everyone I love.”

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