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reviews of the retreats


"It really was an experience of a lifetime."

- Ashley, Wyoming

"This retreat was amazing! There was so much inspiration and many messages of empowerment. It really was an experience of a lifetime and has meant so much to me. I walked away thinking that it may have been the best experience of my life and that I really didn't care if life never peaked like that again, so long as I could carry away the feeling of what it was like. I enjoyed the writing circle very much and the prompts were interesting and brought out something special that already existed in each person but wanted to be brought to light. Aimee was fantastic! She is definitely a storyteller - very enchanting and so interesting to listen to. The experience would not be the same without her. I enjoyed Villa Sumaya and the excellent service provided. I love the setting and the food. Movement with Gabi was phenomenal! I don't think I have ever been so comfortable and I really appreciated the care that she put into the activities. The ceremonies were all very meaningful. Each of them had something to offer and really helped to immerse everyone in this retreat. Some were relaxing, others fun and uplifting and other very grounding. This retreat helped me feel more connected to myself and others. It's given me a stronger sense of who I am and what I want to allow to define me. The real world has felt a little like sandpaper following this week of comfort (though definitely emotionally challenging at times), and so I am finding ways to cultivate more of the energy and space it provided. My favorite thing is knowing that I could feel that way - all the ways that I felt in this journey. I've already recommended it to others! Come with an open mind!"

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