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reviews of the retreats


"It was a lifetime gift to be a part of this journey."

- Danielle, Arizona

"There were many times prior to the retreat when I had serious doubts about this experience. From the opening circle to the very end, I simply loved it. It is truly incredible to me that one wise woman can think up such an incredible journey – it was a lifetime gift to be a part of it. I loved the mix of humor and deep reflection. At a point in my life where I deeply needed this, the writing circles gave me a space, and the exercises a format, not only to claim my truth (not to mention discover it!) but to say it out loud. I found The Yoga Forest to be a relaxing retreat setting fitting for this experience, and integrated with respect into the community. Just two days after, I long to return to the magic of the lake and that forest. I feel like I got the gift of a journey that without the circle would have taken me years to complete. Aimee is simply amazing. I benefited so greatly from her dear presence, voice and inner light/beauty/force. She dared to help us confront the vulnerable truth in all of us, dared to nudge, dared to make us look into one another's eyes – and it was truly amazing. I loved the community of trust, vulnerability, and self-discovery that so rapidly formed between strangers. I told myself I had unrealistic expectations for a retreat. How can one week help me find myself? But it did. I not only realized I had been inside myself all along, but that I love myself! What a great feeling to be able to write that and mean it. The experience inspired and taught me a new way to walk through the world, a way to reclaim my story. I left the magic of The Yoga Forest with a clear vision of the incredible light inside me, the power of my voice, and a deep sense of inner peace. If you have become a stranger to yourself, and want a safe, relaxing, hilarious, rejuvenating journey of empowerment and self-discovery, this is the retreat for you!"

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