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reviews of the retreats


"It was digging deep into my heart."

- Clari, Florida

"I came with the intention of writing a book. I thought it was a creative expression writing type of retreat. So I thought, I have a story I want to tell. And THEN, I arrived. Little did I know, the story I thought I was going to write was not what was in the works. I was actually writing a story about me. Through every single exercise that Aimee had us do, it was digging deep into my heart and into the layers that I needed to let go. I didn't know my true intention was actually to come in and find strength for my journey - on this journey of becoming that we’re constantly on, the one of becoming a better version of yourself on a day-to-day basis. That’s what this journey has been. I found strength. I found courage. And most importantly, I’ve been able to shed those layers that are holding me back from stepping into my purpose, from creating and from being a light. Like Aimee told me, ’You are the sun. You are the light. Don’t dim it.’ That’s exactly what I discovered. Not only am I the light, but I want to be able to shine bright to help others find their path and to shine their light. That’s what this has been for me."

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