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reviews of the retreats


"Left a footprint on my mind, heart and soul."

- Natalie, Austria

“This experience has been a miracle - that in retrospect - still feels so surreal. It changed me forever and I’ll carry the things I’ve learned and experienced wherever I go. I love you, Aimee! You left a footprint in my heart, mind, and soul. It was truly a sacred space to write. Having seen other accommodations in this area, I must say: This is the most beautiful, welcoming, magical, and cleanest setting I can imagine. The wilderness of nature, the hammocks that swing from one gorgeous site to the other, the nutritious, delicious and healthy meals, the nicest staff - I would choose this place over and over again. I think I’m going to take more with me than I’m even aware of. I really feel EMPOWERED as a woman. I loved the special energy that we had as a group. I’ll always remember and cherish the conversations and moments of silence we shared. There are no words to describe how happy I am to have been part of this group. It was intense, fun, breath-taking (not only because of the stairs), painful (crossed out), healing, challenging, magical and moving - I feel like a different woman. I actually feel like I BECAME a real woman (and it only hurt a little, you were very gentle.) It's been an intense, disarming, love-creating, connecting, inspirational journey.”

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