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reviews of the retreats


"Meaningful growth and self-awareness."

- Kimberly, British Columbia

"The experience was more than I imagined. The personal growth I achieved this week is the most compact, meaningful growth and self-awareness experience I've ever had. The writing circle was always comfortable. I felt safe to share anything and loved and validated. The way Aimee was animated and passionate when she spoke helped me grasp every concept. She was confident and brave, down to earth and honest, funny and serious, clever and inspiring, beautiful inside and out, a gift to others. The way she gave examples was very helpful to begin writing. I will take away self-growth, self-awareness, and accountability. Confidence to be myself, confidence to tell my whole story, even the parts I had never shared before this week. The ability to silence my inner critic and the ability to project love. The ability to rewrite personal narratives and to never let myself fall victim. The workshop truly took me on a sacred journey and gave me tools for writing."

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