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reviews of the retreats


"Mindblowing! Even months later."

- Nina, Holland

“Mindblowing. Even months later, whenever I think of Aimee's teachings, the experience with all the other women and the things I learned that week, it gives me strength. It fills my heart with warmth and makes me feel eternally grateful. The entire week was beyond beautiful. We created the most sacred, safe spaces, and I felt I could be 1000% myself and not be judged. The space, food, views, energies and love are something I’ll never forget. The writing circle was just amazing. It was challenging, inviting, inspiring, and scary - but Aimee flowed through it perfectly. Aimee is a beyond fantastic facilitator of these retreats; she is on this planet to be a teacher. So much love. She facilitated the perfect space, the most important thing being not feeling pressured to do anything. Villa Sumaya has the most beautiful energy. I loved the Mayan Fire Ceremony. It was awesome to have a little bit of local tradition interwoven into the retreat. The whole week fell into place beautifully. I still can’t believe it. All the women, the openness, the laughs, and especially the feeling of female (and overall) empowerment. Whether you love yourself, or feel you need a change, go on this retreat.”

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