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reviews of the retreats


"Powerful, precious life experience."

- Tanja, Germany

"The retreat was one of the most powerful, precious life experiences I've ever had, and at a time I needed it urgently. I will say thank you so much for the new view on my life. I feel so much better now and can enjoy my travelling so much more! The atmosphere at the Yoga Forest was amazing. The women's circle was a friendly, committed community and we shared and helped each other. There was a feeling of security and support. We started with the deepest fears then we stood up, becoming more self-confident, finding our little wings as a hummingbird and ending in beautiful eagle. I learned the only boundaries we have are created by ourselves. I learned that we project things. I learned to see the beauty in everything. The most important message I took was I can create my life every day. I only need to open my eyes. And when I fall back into habits and thoughts, I can question my feelings and the fear behind them. GO! It’s the best thing you can do! Every woman needs a self-confidence update.”

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