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reviews of the retreats


"Sisterhood that will last a lifetime."

- Janet, California

"I went to this retreat to celebrate my 60th birthday, and I had to almost pinch myself that I was living in the midst of the most beautiful postcard every moment of every day. I knew I had come to the right place. We all were given the space to share and hold a space of light and love for each other – we developed a sisterhood that will last a lifetime as a result of the writing circles. I appreciated the depth and purpose of each writing prompt, each discussion, and each of the introductions that Aimee gave to transition us for the next adventure. Aimee is a master at navigating compassion and modeling unconditional acceptance. She was our fearless leader in every way possible. She has spent years developing the ability to masterfully facilitate and encourage women to step into the sacred expression that is in each one of us. Morning meditation, yoga and dance was a beautiful ritual that I would love to incorporate into my daily routine. Villa Sumaya was amazing. This was a once in a lifetime experience at a rare and spectacular retreat center: Vibrantly rich accommodations, set on the edge of Lake Atitlan, overlooking massive volcanoes, with vegetarian meals full of flavor, beauty and nutrition. The Mayan Fire Ceremony and the excursion to San Juan were enriching and once in a lifetime experiences. From this retreat, I have deeper roots that allow me to reach higher. I have an enhanced foundation of who I am to the degree that I know I cannot be rocked off course of my destiny. Aimee and the other women spoke directly into my eyes and told me my worth and value, and because of the work we had already done, I was able to resonate with their words in every cell of my body, resulting in a lasting transformation in my life. I loved being me and being seen as I am. I’ve already recommended the retreat to my neighbors, and I will keep encouraging others to embark upon this sacred journey into a deeper expression of what it means to live a life with meaning and purpose."

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