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reviews of the retreats


"So many rich experiences in one week."

- Meghan, Georgia

"I can't say enough about Aimee's retreat in Guatemala! Aimee managed to weave together so many rich experiences in one week, while still managing to provide ample opportunities for rest and reflection. I never felt rushed or overwhelmed with the schedule; and yet even through the course of the week I couldn't believe all that we were doing! The journey from the airport up to the Yoga Forest alone made for a great story. That first night of welcoming and opening the circle was magical, with rain through the forest, dancing candles, smoky sage, drumming, and opening the four directions. In addition to daily writing circles and beautiful yoga practices, there was time for dancing, exploring the town, had my Mayan birth chart read by Aimee's friend, Ingrid (who also led us in the Mayan Fire Ceremony later in the week), a transformative Reiki session arranged by Aimee, a powerful Soundbath, an individualized essential oils class, and volunteering with local children at a creative arts center. That was only half the week! Then Aimee set me up with her Shaman friend, Pablo, in town so that he helped me make my own drum! We participated in a Cacao ceremony and more dancing, followed by wonderful food and another ceremony for the New Moon up at the cave. We wrapped up the amazing trip Saturday by boating over to San Juan, learning about the local culture, full of colorful art and friendly, smiling people - and we were shown a demonstration by the women's co-op how they make clothing from natural dyes. Even more than all of these incredible experiences, I forged lasting friendships with many of the women at the retreat. Aimee created a safe, supportive, and emotionally provocative atmosphere that allowed me to heal many creative wounds. Everything she did was so thoughtful and kind, going far and beyond just a workshop facilitator - she treated us as dear friends rather than simply welcomed guests. Her generosity, vulnerability, and authenticity was, and remains, encouraging and inspiring. Thank you!"

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