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reviews of the retreats


"Thank you for melting my cynical heart."

- Deb, New York

"This was exactly the gift I needed to give myself at this moment in my life. Aimee is an incredible human who runs a life-changing retreat. I came away with a sense of presence, connectedness, and inner calm and love I've never really felt before. Through the retreat, there was this pervasive sense of one-ness with the other women and to the universe. I connected with thoughts and feelings I never even realized I had, and with women I would have never otherwise had the chance to really know, deep down. Every moment was amazing, beautiful, transformative. Don't come because you're looking to focus on getting that book written or having that perfect vacation or perfecting that challenging yoga pose. Come because you hear a voice calling you to be here, even if it's only a whisper. Come if you want to open your heart and your mind to the universe and to an incredible circle of women in a magical place. Come because you know deep down that this is the next step on a journey to fill your heart and find your place in the world. (If you don't feel these things, book a cruise instead!) Thank you, Aimee, for melting my cynical heart. If you're having any doubts, ignore them."

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