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reviews of the retreats


"Thank you for the life change."

- Mary, California

"This is an explorative journey with writing as a tool to open your heart, examine your soul, listen to your passions, and express your truth to write your own life story. The love and support created by a group of women gathering together to express their true selves is powerful and incredibly important. Everyone deserves to have this experience of support, love, and the joy of expression. Aimee was incredibly gifted in facilitating a powerful and creative circle in which we were supported to dive deep into our souls. She held a safe space, encouraging each woman to share and contribute, while honoring individual strengths, gifts, weaknesses, blockages, and personalities. She is a genuine leader with a kind, loving way of leading and a true passion and talent for the art of writing. The Yoga Forest is a magical place that was the perfect setting for this retreat. A nature lover heaven. Watching the glow of the sunrise over the volcano and the lake during meditation and yoga is pure magic. The Mayan fire ceremony was such an incredible once in a lifetime experience. I am coming away with inspiration, passion, gratitude and love. I will hold this experience in my heart, always. Thank you for the life change."

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