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reviews of the retreats


"The experience regenerated my soul."

- Lynn, PEI

"The retreat was awesome. I was looking for a conduit to heal after a long, draining experience. The retreat combined with an amazing facilitator helped me find my way back to life and me again. I can be loving, compassionate and curious again without fear of pain or heartbreak. The writing circle was fundamental in healing for me. Although it was extremely difficult to share at times, the ”look” encouraged me to share. The group sharing all assisted at many times. I felt the same pain and had similar experiences. With a blue heron spirit, Aimee provided loving and intuitive guidance. At times, I pondered ‘how in the hell did she do that?’ I loved Robin and the yoga and found so much relaxation and insight in those sessions. Aimee is totally on the administration and communication. I am taking back my life to live as a free-loving soul. I loved the kayaking, the hiking, the sharing, the love. VAMOS. This is an amazing opportunity to get a taste of Guatemala accompanied by a facilitator who moves with the needs of the group. The experience regenerated my soul, enabling me to once again, lead with my heart."

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