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reviews of the retreats


"The focus on truth of voice."

- Liora, Florida

"LOVED everything in the place: the weather, the lake, , the gardens, the views, the water temperature, the food. LOVED the writing circle - the way Aimee framed the writing, the prompts, the examples, the sharing. I arrived thinking I don’t have a story, and I learned that everyone has a story. I loved the circle; the diversity of women- in style, character, and age. The sharing was so important, and the focus on truth of voice. The circle was a truly safe place to share our stories without judgement and feeling supported. Aimee is a wonderful facilitator! She has a way to make everybody feel seen and heard, and to allow all to express themselves. Magnetic, interesting, warm, and a great listener. Loved Villa Sumaya - the setting, accommodation, the view, the food, the lake, the gardens. I loved having movement first thing early every morning; it sets up the energy and presence for the day. I had never taken a writing workshop, and this opened my desire for more. The combination of writing, movement, and amazing nature - three things I love coming together. And connecting with others in a profound way. Jump in!"

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