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reviews of the retreats


"The most enchanting, magical women's retreat."

- Jordanne, California

"This women’s retreat was a dream that I never wanted to wake up from. For so long I felt like I lost my soul. I felt like the world hardened my spirit. I wasn’t the same person I used to be, which was difficult for me to understand. My soul felt lost, and overwhelmed, almost like I was trying to find my way back home. But, as I look back on the week that I spent at Lake Atitlan with Aimee writing my soul out, I came to the conclusion that I never actually lost myself. This is one of those experiences, that you can’t even put into words. I will remember all of the infinite special moments from this week for the rest of my life. My life is forever changed. I also left Guatemala with ten new sisters, who I know will be in my life forever!! Thank you Aimee for putting together the most enchanting magical women’s retreat that all of our souls knew we needed. This was by far the BEST, most serendipitous week of my entire life. It was a week, I will never forget. If you are thinking of signing up for this retreat, JUST DO IT! You won’t regret one bit of it, your soul will be thanking you for the rest of your life, I promise."

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