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reviews of the retreats


"This experience feels like a dream."

- Keri, Ohio

"My overall experience and feelings were ones of wholeness, insight, awareness, acceptance. In this otherworldly experience, I felt loved and held and safe as I processed painful feelings and experiences. I felt connected to one of the most amazing group of people I’ve ever met, unique women as individuals, but also part of some effervescent and hallowed whole created only for and in this time and place. In some ways, the experience feels like a dream, like something that happened a long time ago, or far away inside of me. It’s what I imagine traveling in time or space to feel like. Plucked out of a very different different life, landing in a special and unknown experience, there in wonder and confusion and comprehension, seeing and knowing things communally, that until then had only been seen and known secretly and privately, or not fully known at all. Transported back into former life, all the same, yet me different. I felt the magic. I remember it. I carry it with me. I would tell someone considering coming to close their eyes and jump. Press book now, get those tickets, then lift your hands off the wheel and go for the ride, see where this journey takes you. Bring all of yourself: the good, the bad, the ugly. Leave with even more of yourself: hopes, dreams, thoughts, experiences. Carry that self out into the world, with this retreat encounter the candle in the window of your heart, always burning for YOU. Much love to you Aimee. Your hard work and unconditional love does not go unnoticed and is appreciated by all of us." 

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