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reviews of the retreats


"This experience rekindled what I thought I'd lost."

- Stephanie, Idaho

"It is hard to express in words just how much this retreat meant to me. The entire experience from the moment we stepped foot into the tuk-tuk that would take us to San Marcos, to the shuttle back to Guatemala City, it was like stepping into the true dimension of me. Through our writing exercises I learned so much about myself. I dug deeper into my soul than I ever have before. Our ceremonies opened my heart and gave me permission to breathe into myself and explore my soul. Every minute was carefully crafted to take each of us on this journey together and as individuals. I got to know myself better through the other women in our circle. Our excursions into town gave us the opportunity to experience Guatemala and give our hearts time to reflect on what we'd all worked through thus far. This experience rekindled what I thought I'd lost and gave me permission to be authentic, vulnerable, and powerful. Our writing circle was exceptionally emotional and unexpected. With what seemed like simple writing prompts, I was able to dive into my life in such a way that I'd never done before. Every woman inspired me in their own way and gave me an opportunity to reflect on my own thoughts and desires. Aimee took care of us like a mom, sister, and true friend. She listened to each of us with an open heart. She gave us space and she held space for us. We each brought our own personalities and baggage and Aimee gracefully worked her way through all of that with us. She inspired me to dance and sing and be ME! Her communication throughout the week gave me peace of mind and each time she spoke it felt like I was being embraced by a warm hug of understanding. Robin brought so much calm and peace and light to our morning meditations and yoga. She challenged me to stretch not just my body, but my mind even further. The Five Rhythms Dance gave my soul permission to dance with passion. It was wild, emotional, and cleansing. The ceremonies brought our circle to life. They gave us a chance to express ourselves in ways that many of us have never experienced. The way Aimee weaved everything together is a testament to how much thought she's put into this retreat. I discovered my authentic self through this retreat. She's always been there, but aspects of life pushed her down and hid her from the light. This experience brought her back to life. I have a new perspective. I have tools for dealing with people and situations. I have been given permission to live and experience and love. From this experience, I am taking home ME. My favorite thing was how close all of us women got to each other. If you're ready to grow and explore the depths of your soul, then you will receive so many blessings and gifts from this retreat."

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