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reviews of the retreats


"This is the break you need to reclaim your spirit..."

- Jennifer, New York

"The retreat completely blew my expectations away! I learned more than I ever thought I would and started to express my deepest feelings with women who I have come to love in just a short week. How amazing is that?! I loved the writing circles, as well as the supportive space we shared for this transitional journey. The writing prompts were thoughtful and provocative, and allowed us to have a deeper connection to our thoughts and expression. I was able to share things about myself that I had never shared with anyone. What a fantastic opportunity to get to know me and women again! I am so grateful and blessed to have chosen such an amazing guide to help me on the road to finding myself again. Aimee’s warm and strong presence helped us to step outside of our shells and share what we needed to process. Thank you for helping me to see what was always there, my friend. I learned that I am a walking paradox and it is OK. That I need to share my gifts and stop apologizing for who and what I am. That there is no journey to finding who I am. I am who I am! This is the break you need to reclaim your spirit and remember who you are as a powerful force. As a woman."

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