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reviews of the retreats


"We are all deep oceans of intricate stories."

- Holly, British Colombia

"This was my first experience at a writing circle. But what a fantastic first experience! The circle grew in strength each time we came together. The writing followed a very fluid progression and allowed for a lot of reflection that was much different than my experience with personal journalling. It was also not just a circle of written words— Aimee incorporated other elements to the circle beyond writing that created a more full bodied experience. Aimee, you rock. You are a rock. Thank you for allowing the space for all women to say what they needed to say to help them break through barriers, and for sharing your wisdom. The morning meditation and yoga was awesome! The level of serenity and calm that ensues after these classes in the morning is a phenomenal experience - the sun rising and warming as you look across the lake, the teachers full of grace and spirit. The setting of the Yoga Forest is incredible (once you get up those stairs, hahaha). I loved the views, the animals, the food, the decor etc. The food was fresh (and I thought I didn’t like papaya!) and full of flavour, colour, spice and creativity. I loved the evening ceremonies. There was something so significant about being in the circle of women around the burning fire full of our intentions. I thought it was a really memorable piece of the retreat because it exposed us to how beautiful the Guatemalan culture is. The retreat is a beautiful world of connection, discovery and personal growth. If you’ve found this retreat through whatever path, you are meant to experience it. It’s something truly life-changing. Bring with you an open heart and a willingness to give yourself the full experience you deserve and you will walk away with a treasure you will carry with you always. Your perceptions will change, you will witness others in a way that will open your eyes to the beautiful depth each woman carries with her beyond her worldly skin. You also will be witnessed and you will feel love and connection in a way you never expected. It is hard to find the words to describe what a holy experience all of it was, but I will try. I’ve learned to give-in to the process of healing, no matter what it reveals. I’ve learned what it feels like to be witnessed and to witness others without judgement. I’ve learned that we are all deep oceans of intricate stories. I learned to connect with myself, to hear my inner voice to trust it, to honour it— and to share it. I learned to cry tears of pain and tears of compassion and tears of joy, and that this was part of daring to be lived. I saw the gifts of others and the gifts within myself. I have thought about my experience every single day since I’ve been back and I hope as time passes that I don’t forget how it made me feel to be that willing, that loved, that loving. What a feeling of gratitude I am taking with me; what inspiration to live that feeling for the rest of my life. Thank you so, so much! With all my heart, thank you Aimee.”

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