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reviews of the retreats


"Every writer would benefit from this."

- Ali, California

"The retreat was truly transformative. Meeting ten amazing women in the beautiful setting of Lake Atitlan allowed me to not only feel vulnerable enough to access the stories within me, but to feel comfortable sharing them. I love that I’m coming away from this experience with thousands of words written. Totally supports the notion that what matters most in writing is just writing. I so admire Aimee’s ability to organize, coordinate and support so many diverse people and their equally unique needs. Aimee kept us focused and on track without making anyone feel silenced, maintaining a tone of levity and support throughout the process. She led us while joining us. Nudged us in the right direction but let us spread our own wings. All of the breathing and moving was so essential to opening our hearts and minds. I loved the incorporation of all the elements - writing, spirituality, and movement. Every writer would benefit from this. My favorite part was all of it."

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