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reviews of the retreats


"Inspiring us to be fully who we are."

- Anne-Solenn, France

"This was an amazing inner journey and a wonderful time sharing intimately with other courageous women. This experience led me to a breakthrough. It’s really cool to write down so many self-intimate stories. It opened me to new roots of understanding and even healing. I loved the “sisterhood” sharing. I came to know myself more deeply, being also inspired by the other women. The journey was amazing, deep, and powerful - rising us up to our feminine creative expression! The rhythm of the retreat was well-balanced between activities, which made it rich. Aimee is so connected to her divine feminine, well grounded in the reality of our soul, body and mind. She took care of us. I can rely on her. The Yoga Forest is an amazingly beautiful piece of nature. I followed my intuition to come here, and I feel a new start, filled with amazing energies… I loved it. Go! There is a before and an after. Aimee, go on spreading your gifts, inspiring us to be fully who we are!"

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