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reviews of the retreats


"This week brought me back to myself."

- Kimberly, Colorado

" 'The wound is where the light enters'... but sometimes the light is too dim and it takes a beautiful soul holding a single candle in the dark of night to shine that light. I had the remarkable fortune to have stumbled upon Storyteller within while searching for a place to heal my deeply wounded heart after losing my beautiful son. While I was nervous about traveling to an unfamiliar place, in both the geographical sense and in the sense of traveling into my own heart, Guatemala & Aimee assuaged any fear by spreading wide, welcoming arms that wrapped around me and didn't let go once. And, in fact, the love & compassion, empathy & sympathy, encouragement & inspiration, provocation & enthusiasm that Aimee's well thought out & phenomenal retreat format was more healing, cathartic, & necessary than I could have ever imagined. In Aimee, and in all the women of our retreat, I have made loving & supportive friendships that will undoubtedly last a lifetime and continue to fuel the creative fire within my soul. Darling & Loving Aimee, thank you from the bottom of my wild, cracked open heart for all that you are and all that you give. Your beautiful gypsy soul-SOUL is a wonderfully open and giving light. This week has transformed me and brought me back to myself. Be sure to shine your light as you have so that I find my way back to you someday.”

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