What if You Asked?

January 28, 2016

You know that moment when you want to step away? 

You want space, you want to reconnect with your own center, with your own voice, and with your own truths.

Sssssh, you say to the noise. "Yes?" you say to yourself. 

What will you hear? 




It scares you. It excites the hell out of you. Why does asking the question already feel like the dare, before you ever receive an answer?

Inviting truth often feels like a dare. What wants to be expressed? What wants to be pursued? What is really holding you back? 

Maybe it's been a while since you've peered into your own being and said, "I'm listening."

But what if you did - if you stopped ignoring, or quieting, and started really listening?


The response might surprise you. It often surprises me.


Every time my heart wants a good chat with me, it's never asking me to step away from life, not really. It's daring me to step in - into my life, into my voice, into my footsteps.

What if you asked your heart to speak? More than that, what if you abided by its guidance? Below is just a writing prompt... or the most important call we ever really take.



(Excerpt from the January 2016 newsletter). 




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