On International Women's Day

March 8, 2017


Today is the two year anniversary of the first day of the first Sacred Expression Women's Retreat, my first time gathering with a women's circle, and starting to wake up to the power held within.


A circle takes a million forms, inside of and between women, and between us all.


Not only today, but every day, I honor all of the women who are raising their voices up and into the world, in all the many ways we need to.


The women demanding human rights for every woman across all borders and the woman no longer willing to exile herself from her own heart.


The women challenging the international status quo and the woman challenging her own belief system.


The women rewriting the laws and the woman rewriting her narrative, breaking the chain of our collective internalized myths.


The women fighting for the truth and and the woman speaking her own.


The women rising up against the patriarchy and the woman who can no longer bear to keep taking her power away from herself.


The women taking on the system and and the woman taking down the walls inside.


The women fighting for choice and the woman making the choice she didn't realize she already has.


The women who have had enough already and the woman who is letting herself be enough for once.


The woman standing against a paradigm of dominance and for a paradigm of partnership and the woman laying down the weapons she wields against herself to meet her own eyes and take her own hand.


The women challenging other's ignorance and the woman brave enough to admit her own.


The uprising that comes from our sense of injustice and the uprising that comes from our deep ache for aliveness.


And all the places where they intersect - and must - as we collectively expand our circles of connection, compassion and action while circling closer and closer to our own beating hearts.


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