I want to gather with you in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee

July 30, 2017

I want to gather with you in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.


I want to sit around flames by night and share women's stories that transcend all the ages. 

The stories that have changed through time. The stories that have been passed down. The stories that have been distorted and scattered.

The myths that have returned to us for their meaning to be renewed, for their messages to be integrated, to be made sacred once again. 

I want to take the stories back, as a rite, as an initiation.  

I want to dig out their essences. I want to hold in our hands, and then pass to one another, the ember of their wisdom. I want to feel a new fire ignited somewhere deep within. 

I want to glimpse the mysteries of our feminine nature inside of the feminine myths and the goddess myths. I want to hold the mirror of their meaning to the matter of our lives - right here, right now. I want to write and share the rich reflections that unfold and unfurl us. 


I want to connect to the essence of our sacred feminine, in all of its untamed beauty and rawness. I want to reconnect to the missing parts of us, the scattered pieces, the forgotten gifts. I want to crack open the eternal. 



I want to explore the themes that encircle our being, the energies that thread our lives. I want to stretch out the transcendental tissue of this one embodied experience... and feel how it connects us all. 

I want to talk about the contractions and cycles inherent and blessed in our nature. And the sacredness of guarding our internal holy flame. I want to explore the birthplace of our inspirations and intuition. And look into the eyes of our relationships with each other and all things.

I want ritual and I want renewal. I want remembrance and I want reconnection. I want reverie and I want rebirth. 

I want to gather with you in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

With the inspiring Melanie Champagne as co-faciltator and storyteller with her medicine of myths. And do yoga as the sun rises over the top of the mountains to warm our skin.

I want us to share in sacred storytelling by candlelight and self-revelation in a writing circle. I want us to create a sacred space full of connection and magic.

I want to be in that circle with you. I want us to recognize each other there. I want us to step into our own initiation. I want to hear you and see you.


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