My Unapologetic Confession

October 2, 2017

My unapologetic confession. I am a woman that gathers women together to share in circles. I love co-creating and holding our shared and sacred space. 

I am also a woman - absolutely I am - that thrives on solitude. 

I am often at joy when alone. At least a little every day, many times for a lot of the day, or days upon another. 

I love giving a good, clean soulful "yes" to personal spaciousness.


(Seven Springs Holistic Retreat Center, Tennessee)

I crave the focus and the meandering and the noticing and the moments of wonder.

The way the music comes to me, metaphorically and literally.

I crave the soul replenishment that helps me to see you and that and them and this. And here. And now. And me. And us. 

I crave the getting lost in time. I crave the open, endless never enough hours.

I crave the slow attention to small things. The making holy of the mundane.



Lately, in my sacred solitude, I am lingering with the goddess stories, soaking in them, bathing in them, and the feminine archetypal energies they represent.

I'm noticing which energies resonate most strongly within me, past and present, and those that change and vary across my life and years and days. 

This love I have for solitude... who is present within me?

Maybe it's my Artemis, her desire to go into the forest alone after what captures her heart's gaze and to give it the whole of her focus. 

Maybe it's my Vesta, her desire to honor and guard the internal sacred ember while blessing the hearth and home.

Maybe it's my Aphrodite, relishing her receptive and communal love dance with beauty in all its forms.

For me, the paradox of solitude is the influx of deep connection.


(Seven Springs Holistic Retreat Center, Tennessee)

I have not always acknowledged this part of my nature. I've sometimes denied it and trivialized it, only to lose myself. I have often held an inner apology for this part of me. 

If we do not name what is sacred to us, what is essential in our nature, how can we honor it? 

That's what is so alchemical about women coming together. Through the gathering, we often return ourselves to ourselves.

Only in gathering together, are we often able to finally hear and name what is essential within us. 

Join us for the Reconnecting With Our Sacred Stories Women's Retreat

Let's explore what is sacred to our nature, as reflected by the goddess stories. Let's name it and let's honor the all of who we are.

Much love xo

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