Lead Me Back to Myself

October 15, 2017

What leads you back to yourself? Forget the retreats and the books and the practices and that person and the trip and the journey.

I know, I shouldn't say that. But let's get real. They can all only point you back to one true thing.

The only thing that has ever truly led me back to myself is my own naked heart.



Nothing feels more lit up than being attuned to the strange and particular universal calibration of me.

Living in that space, from that space, of that space. It's somehow both Home and the path back to Home. The space in which life itself simply feels more alive.

Where you run off the map and out of the plan and through all the muck and barriers you have created and back into yourself, again.

For me, it's a feeling. It's the fullness of my being. It's the vibrancy that pulses through me. It's the sense of wonder and connection that I feel at being in the world. 

When there is more of me and there is more of you and there is something dancing this Spirit of us all, so that the gap between us is a passageway as narrow as names.

My intuitive self talks to me with deep gut stirrings. It talks to me with breadcrumbs of curiosity. It talks to me with goosebumps skin. It talks to me with winks from the universe.

It talks to me with the pecularities of my attention, the way it leans in and towards or perhaps away. It talks to me with quickened breath and rapid heart pulse. It talks to me with the questions that burn inside. It talks to me through the flooding of feeling.  

Whatever you want to call that voice in its many tongues, I've made a covenant with self to be True to it. Because only then, am I ever really showing up as True to me.

When I invite you to join me in a circle, I'm inviting us to join together in the intention of rediscovering that space of aliveness within. I'm inviting you to reclaim it as who you are, who I am, and where we truly meet each other. We are willing each other into a fuller expression of our own living. I'm inviting you to come join me in letting our hearts lead us back to ourselves. 

Much love xo

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