Top 5 Incredible Writing Retreats To Attend

November 9, 2017

I'm gonna be completely honest. Every year I hold my breath and wait and see if the retreats will again be recommended in an article that has brought so many beautiful women to share the circle with me.

"I love the sound and attitude of Aimee Hansen’s women-only writing retreats in Guatemala — and from her glimmering reviews, they live up to their promise."  (The Write Life, 2018)


I'm so honored that The Sacred Expression Women's Retreat has been listed among the top five recommendations for 'Incredible Writing Retreats to Attend' for three years in a row (2018, 2017, 2016) by The Write Life, as well as listed #2 among '10 Empowering Writers' Retreats for Women'. 

It means everything to me that the words of women who have participated in the experience are at the heart of this mention.

I am so grateful for every woman (all 103 so far) who has so far attended the retreats, each an absolute blessing and inspiration in my life. 

Women who have attended in the last year have graced the experience with these words...


"My experience of this retreat was nothing short of magical. I shed toxic stories that held me captive for far too long. I rediscovered parts of myself that were buried somewhere within for indeterminate amounts of time, and even discovered aspects of myself that I never knew existed. I spoke truths that I previously never dared. I danced, stomped, howled at the moon, cried, felt alive in ways I didn't know were possible, profoundly connected to myself and other beautiful women, and emerged with a light inside of myself that continues to shine brightly even a month after returning to "real" life."
(Ellen, August 2017)

"Authentic and Real. That is Aimee. But it gets even better, because during retreat Aimee creates a safe, sacred, soulful space where I was able to dive deep and be Authentic and Real, too. Unapologetically me. Without judgment, without restraint, but with total respect and importance placed on how I felt."
 (Heather, August 2017)



"I had no idea what to expect and as such had no expectations. I think I arrived with an open mind and some trepidation. It was quite possibly the best week of my life for reflecting and re-evaluating where I was at. I am certainly not the same person as when I arrived. I dropped off a lot of baggage on that hillside! Overall a powerful week supported by a tender and open group skillfully guided and nurtured by Aimee."
(Kim, Jan 2017)

"I am grateful for a reluctant acceptance that this wuggy-wuggy shit might actually work."
(Jennifer, July 2017) 

I'd love to meet you in the circle!

Much love,

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