I've met women who feared to love...

August 22, 2019


I've met women who feared to love, because relationship had fallen apart in their arms before. And even the thought of receiving love brings the fear of losing it.


I see Juno in these women, the lover that deeply aches to realize herself as expanded through union and partnership.

I've met women who feared to want a child, because the desire to be a mother was planted so deeply within that they could not bear to name their want, in case it didn't happen.

I see Demeter in these women, the motherly energy that aches to love and nurture, and for some women, that means birthing her child.

I've met women who feared to loosen their grip on some part of life that no longer enlivens them, because it feels like the "death" of the worth and identity and security they have attached to. 

I see Demeter in these women too, having nourished a creation or lived through a cycle, they are now faced with the letting go that clears the way for the unknown and next rebirth. 

I've met women who feared to cry, because they have "held it together" for so long within that should they open, the entire dam might break and wash them naked.

I see Athena in these women, so strong and able to navigate this external world, and yet aching to allow the soft vulnerability that lies underneath the warrior.

I've met women who feared to stoke the dream embers inside, for fear they cared too much. Should they fan that passion, it might consume or destroy them. 

I see Vesta in these women, because living in denial of the sacred fire within can feel like searching outside, and emptily, for something to finally ignite you alive.

I have seen women open themselves to their desires, by the mere reflection of being validated - rather than trivialized - in having them. These energies that can be so strong we fear them.

I see myself in each of these women. I have seen all of the goddesses within me and each woman in the circle - the multitudes of meanings and mirrors they each represent, so much broader than these examples alone.

The feminine energies and desires are alive within us. When we circle to explore them, we re-invite all of our parts back to ourselves, to be welcomed home.



The Myths of Feminine Mystery Retreat runs from September 26th - October 1st, 2019 this fall at Seven Springs in Tennessee. We will gather to remember Her.

This circle awaits you, and within it, perhaps more of you awaits you too. Melanie and I would love to meet you in this intimate gathering... as we open this invitation together.

Much love xo


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